Health is a team effort. We are in this together.

Often organizations treat health, safety and wellbeing as isolated individual issues. SHI recognizes the complex interconnected factors and re-imagines collective solutions.

SHI will partner with you and see it through

We work with you to discover highest value opportunities that are essential to the collective health of your people and longevity of your organization.

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How does Sustainable Health Index work?

Employees answer a quick online validated survey which measures health risk, confidence, and community activation.

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Receive an easy to understand summary of all the data obtained and quickly identify high value solutions for your organisation.

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We partner with you to discover and implement high value opportunities essential to the collective health of your people, containment of costs, and longevity of your organization.

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Ready to run your first assessment?

Here’s what you will get:

  • Easy access to an online portal for employees to complete the index in less than 15 minutes.
  • A Resource Guide customized to your organization accompanied by SHI support to help you with any questions.
  • A debrief of your organization’s results to evaluate your company’s current state.
  • Recommendations for highest value opportunities essential to collective health.

Here’s what our customers say:

Sally Pace
Sally Pace, CEO Connect Health Collaboration

“The data from SHI helps our clients look at their communities in an entirely new way. They now have a baseline understanding of the causes and conditions impacting health and are able to leverage the platform and expertise of the SHI team to direct resources and design strategies to solve their most pressing issues.”

Nic Patee
Nic Patee, Founder & CEO Work Right NW, Inc.

“SHI allows us to move further upstream by extending the reach of our providers beyond individuals to better address total worker health.”

Mark Heaysman
Mark Heaysman, Group CEO, Longitude6 USA UK Australia

"Longitude6 has always focused on reducing work-place injuries and associated costs. SHI creates the heat map of causes and conditions impacting the health of a community and blends perfectly with our best of breed technologies for a total worker health solution."

Customized learning tool

Leverage SHI’s online learning center to align individual and community health initiatives.

The Learning Lab features:

  • A robust referral resource center
  • Individual health adventures, education, and progress tracking
  • Custom configuration to drive community priorities

Learn how SHI can help you combine insight with planning to advance the health, safety, and wellbeing of your employees